Five stars center is a web directory that is manually maintained by a human. We offer a platform where you can market your site by linking it to a high-ranking page. Online prominence is all about linking up to other sites and form a network. The network increases the probability of your site capturing and directing traffic to your site. To ensure that this primary objective is achieved, we offer a number of services. The first is free regular links. This service is targeted to those website owners who are operating on a tight budget and they are seeking to market their sites for more traffic.

The second service on offer is reciprocal. What is reciprocal linking? This program is very simple, you have to place a link to five stars center on your site before placing your link on the site. This service also helps to build the page rank of the directory as well as increasing its online presence hence increasing the possibility of others finding it through your site.

The third service is a paid regular link. This service is for those consumers who have a budget assigned to marketing. The paid regular link offer cost you only $4.95. This service is more effective because it helps rank you links well. The last service is almost the same as the third because it is also paid. This is the paid feature link and it costs $9.95 only.

Five stars center is categorized into several niches. Currently, we have 14 main categories and these categories are further divided into subcategories. In total, the directory has 243 sub categories. These categories are aimed at increasing consumer penetration through the directory and landing on what they want fast and easily.

On the other hand, for web owners or managers seeking to link with five stars center, it is easy to locate the right category and link up. This way, you save time, which is a very valuable element for nay business. After a link is submitted, it is the responsibility of the directory manager to scrutinize it for authentic, conformity with Google requirements and ensure that it is listed under the right category as well as sub category.

In case of any issues, we get back to you ASAP for correction. Five stars center is designed to enhance usability. When submitting your linking, it is easy as the page for the same is clearly visible from the main menu. The link submission interface is designed well to allow for easy selection of the services you need and then submit your link. The process is easy and the details required in order to submit your link are few. Nevertheless, in case of any challenged we are willing to assists. You can contact us through a number of platforms including your phone, an email or through our directory, “contact us” page. We make an effort to respond within at most 24 hours.

Why do you have to suffer with temporary advertisement campaign that do not have any guarantee on Return On Investment (ROI), visit five stars center now and submit your link for permanent advertisement and increased traffic, which guaranteed a ROI.

Submission policy

To post your link to FiveStarsCenter.com is guided by simple and clear polices that you will find easy to adhere to.

  • it is your responsibility to mange the content of your site, FiveStarsCenter.com can not be held responsible of any content in the websites /linked to our site
  • FiveStarsCenter.com does not encourage or allow the posting of websites of an adult nature or containing content that would be deemed to be so.
  • Posts and articles posted in our site should not be copied from other sites and if so, the right procedure should be observed to ensure not infringement of patent rights.

Submission of any posts, articles or links should be done with respect to the set categories to ensure that the subject of the content is placed in the right category.