1. What is the maximum number of accounts one can create in the directory?
ANSWER: There is no limit to the number of accounts one can create. However, instead of creating separate accounts for different websites, it is advisable to have all your sites under one account since there is no limit to the number of sites you can have in a single account.

2. How do I ensure increased approval for my site in the directory?
ANSWER: There are several things you can do to ensure that your site stands a good chance of being approved. Regarding the site: The site should be fully operational and not under construction, the site should be well structured and easy to navigate, the site should contain a substantial amount of quality information

3. How do I establish whether my links have been approved on the directory?
ANSWER: We send out emails for approved links. Otherwise, you can search the directory for you link, look at the niche/subcategory you submitted your link or other related subcategories, or search with Google using specific search commands.

4. Will my site remain permanently on the directory?
ANSWER: Once your link is approved and put up, it should be on the directory for as long as the directory exists

5. Can I resubmit to the directory after my link has been approved and listed?
ANSWER: The directory does not permit a site to be resubmitted, irrespective of the changes made to the site. Where the URL remains the same, resubmissions cannot be made, since the directory has a system to automatically identify websites that have been previously added

6. Are all directories similar; is it proper submitting my site to all possible directories?
ANSWER: Even though many directories could have similar site structures, layouts and category options, each link received from these directories is an independent link. Each directory has a different editor and each editor will have different parameters to consider when reviewing and approving a site

7. What happens if I submit duplicate content in different directories?
ANSWER: In most cases, duplicate submissions will not be allowed since directories check their database for the presence of the same URL before accepting a submission. If a match is found, the directory returns an error such as 'Link Already Exists', which prevents a duplicate submission.

8. Do I have to rate the directory for my submission to be approved?
ANSWER: Absolutely no. even though some fraudulent directories require you rate their directory before your submission is approved, this is not the case with five stars center. So long as you follow the right path and requirements for link submission, your link will be reviewed and listed.

9. My site is specific to USA, UK, or other country, is it relevant to submit in the directory?
ANSWER: All the directories including five stars center are general English directories targeting a global English speaking audience. The directory has a broad range of categories and subcategories under which mostly all sites can be listed.

10. Is it worth submitting to PR0 directories?
ANSWER: Yes, it is worth submitting to PR0 directories, because quite a few, if not all of these directories, have the potential to increase in PR over time. Every directory that has a PR of 4, 5 or 6 today, was once a PR0 directory. This in no way means that the present PR0 directories are poor quality directories